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Yachting & Sailing Paradise: Gocek

Göcek, which has been popular among those who are interested in the sea, sailing and yachts since the 1980s, is one of the most preferred blue cruise starting routes on the Mediterranean coast. Located at the southwestern tip of Turkey's turquoise coast, Göcek is surrounded by stunning mountain and sea views and awe-inspiring with its stunning archipelago. Only 20 minutes away from Dalaman Airport; It is located in an advantageous position in terms of transportation. Göcek, which has not been exposed to the negative effects of over-construction by staying away from intense mass tourism, shines like a jewel on the Turkish Riviera. In this way, it has become a very special location that is preferred and preferred by yachtsmen rather than visitors oriented towards conventional sea tourism. This quiet country town; It offers splendid sea and mountain views, first-class food and beverage facilities, high-standard accommodation and shopping opportunities. As a yachting-oriented town, it is home to 6 luxury marinas on its pleasant, traffic-free coast.

Where blue meets

Göcek, whose economy is based on yacht, boat and marina management, is a place that keeps a distance from daily tourism activities with this feature. Göcek, which was called Hyparna and Kamche in the past, determined the border of Karia and Lykia civilizations. Lycia civilization's two developed cities Telmessos (Fethiye) and CaunosGöcek, a coastal settlement located between  (Dalyan), is located in a very lucky place in terms of historical and natural riches. Rock tombs, monumental tombs and bath structures that have survived from the Lycian Period are the reflections of Göcek's historical past. Tersane Island, located off the coast of Göcek, stands out with its ancient ruins. It is thought that the legends of Icarus and Daidalos in mythology also took place in Göcek. Göcek takes its first name, Daidala (Daydala), from this mythological story.


Göcek Yacht Club, which has facilities between Göcek Marina and Port Göcek marina, organizes many yacht races every year. Some of these races are international races and many domestic and foreign boats race in Göcek and Fethiye gulfs.

Since Göcek is a very sheltered area for yachtsmen, many yachtsmen stay here on their boats during the winter months. The summer season in this charming town under the influence of the Mediterranean climate starts at the beginning of May and continues until the end of October. In the summer, sweltering heat is seen. March and April are ideal times to observe the nature awakening with spring. In summer, the temperature rises up to 40 degrees. It is possible to swim for nine months. In winter, the temperature does not fall below 10 degrees easily.

Göcek is very hot, especially in summer. The sea and the sea breeze and the breeze coming from the northern mountain slopes at night give comfort to the region. Göcek and its bays are a paradise that a world yachtsman must see.


Göcek and its bays,

It is a paradise that a world yachtsman must see.


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