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Shepherd's Star

Image by Daniela Beleva

Venus,It is also known as the shepherd's star. The planet Venus is a planet in the solar system and differs from other planets in the system with some features. The biggest factor that makes Venus special and different is the rotation direction of this planet. This planet is the only planet in the solar system that rotates in the opposite direction.


The special features of the planet Venus, which was discovered quite a long time ago, made this planet highly valued, especially in the Ancient Greek Civilization. Shown as the threshold of civilization in historyPlanet Venus in Ancient Greek Civilization,In this civilization, she was identified with Aphrodite, a Goddess. At the same time, the Shepherd's Star was accepted as the center of mystical powers. The familiarity of the planet Venus dates back to 1700 BC. In Babylonian texts, astronomers devoted a lot of space to the planet Venus. It is understood from these texts that the region called Mesopotamia has known the Shepherd's Star for a very long time. Just like the Babylonians, the Ancient Greek Civilization also gave a special importance to the Shepherd's Star. When Venus is seen in the morning in Ancient Greek CivilizationMorning Star,when seen in the evening, it was a planet called the Evening Star.



Venus as a yacht, We came to life after our founders, by blending their education in the tourism sector with their experiences over the years, and after gaining experience in different organizations of tourism, they turned their route to Göcek, one of the tourism centers of Turkey, which has one of the few bays in the world. In our new adventure, we are in the sector with our boat rental service in order to offer you the best way to vacation, relax and have fun in the bays of the blue waters waiting to be discovered.

As the shepherd star whose name we inspired, we set out to shine our light on the unique blue waters day and night, evening and morning. In this journey, we want to offer you wonderful times, inspired by nature. While the sky is shining with the sun or stars, we sail to the horizon listening to the sound of the wind in the Mediterranean waters, which have the most discoverable depths of the earth. We invite you to discover all the beauties that nature and the Mediterranean offer us. We wish you to accompany us…

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